Guatemala Antigua Alom

Region:Genuine Antigua Alom

Producer:Collection of small farms

Altitude:1400-1700 metres above sea level




Harvest Season:December-March

Cupping Score: –

Screen Size/Grade:SHB EP


Profile:Fine marked acidity, fine body mouthful, chocolate taste, sweet pleasant floral fragrance

Bag Size & Packaging:69kg GrainPro

Certifications: –

Coffee was introduced in Guatemala in the 18th century by the Jesuit priests. At the time not much was known about the coffee and the trees were used as ornamental trees. In early 19th century the drink started to be appreciated by locals and coffee was exempted of taxes, which increased its production. Antigua benefited from this boost in production as the region had been downgraded to a village status and had been abandoned, being repopulated and making Antigua famous for its production. The Antigua region is surrounded by three volcanoes; Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. The Fuego is an active volcano that will occasionally add fresh dusting of mineral-rich ash to the soil. The coffees are grown under shade.