Quality Programs

Our mission is to be the partner of choice for roasters who use premium and specialty coffees. We have implemented a quality program with an emphasis on sustainable business practices. 

The program is committed to profiling and selecting fresh crops from single estates, co-operatives and grower exporters. This has instilled a renewed confidence in the coffee roasting society, which now has greater transparency when they source from Origin Traders and an assurance of quality. We are raising the bar on quality, where possible, all coffees are packed in GrainPro bags to protect against unfavourable conditions at the origin, in transit and while stored in our warehouse. GrainPro liners play an essential role in preserving the freshness and profile of the coffee.  We are also strong supporters of sustainable growing practices and have set an example by providing fair-go prices to the coffee growing community.


Origin Traders was the first green coffee trading company in Australia and New Zealand to have a state of the art, SCAA accredited coffee laboratory and class rooms to support our product selection and quality assurance operations. These facilities are open to all our customers to assist with research and development purposes.

We service small, medium and large roasting companies and source coffees ranging from top scoring Cup of Excellence and single estate seasonal coffees to commercial grades based on specific quantity and quality parameters. Undertaking orders of all sizes, from single bags to multiple containers, we have a reliable supply process to reach all customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Warehousing facilities

At Origin Traders, we have a large warehousing facility to house green coffee and tea for continuous supply to our customers. This is complimented by an ample sized cool room with humidifiers for those highly acclaimed coffees in GrainPro bags to deliver consistency in quality from the time it’s processed till it reaches your roastery. With warehousing facilities in Western Australia and Victoria we are able to efficiently supply our customers around the country.

Green coffee sourcing

At Origin Traders, we pride ourselves on being a responsible trading company that benefits all involved in the coffee community. We have a growing global network of suppliers, where we select the best growers, co-operatives and exporters of green coffees. Origin Traders ensures their compliance with fair-go policies on price and sustainability, factors that have become a substantial part of our business practice.